Fava beans are one of the oldest  and well known plants under cultivation, having been eaten in ancient Greece and Rome. Also known as broad beans, they are also popular in Mediterranean cuisine, with many of the summer dishes celebrating this seasonal bean. They are also dried for winter use as a snack or as an addition to soups. Fava beans have a distinct flavor and creamy texture that makes them an excellent addition to a wide variety of cultural dishes.The fava bean is one of the tastiest of all dried beans and when eaten at the shelling stage, you’ll discover their addictive mild flavor, which makes them perfect partners with many spices and herbs.

Just like this bean, I will strive to produce aesthetic and stylish pieces using this platform to help it grow. Since this is a place for food, fashion, art and lifestyle it will also mature in time just like the fava bean. I hope to make it a versatile place for those that enjoy tapping into all sorts of facets in their lives, encompassing original works and works by others, different cultures and different styles.



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